About Liberty Woods

Liberty Woods International

Liberty Woods International, Inc. is an industry-leading hardwood plywood importer whose success is derived from a passion for providing our customers the greatest value on the highest quality plywood products.

A privately held corporation, Liberty Woods International is headquartered in Carlsbad, California with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, and China. Throughout our 30-year history, Liberty Woods has been determined to be the absolute best at what we do. The result is a core expertise spanning the entire process of material procurement through distribution, including quality inspection, ocean shipping, customs clearance, warehousing and timely delivery of excellent imported plywood products to our customers. Our philosophy is to couple this expertise with a genuine and anticipatory desire to fulfill our customers’ needs.

Liberty Wood’s growth has been predicated upon strong relationships with our industry partners and an ability to proactively adapt to changing market conditions. Our volume leverage throughout the supply chain allows us to provide the most expansive inventory of imported hardwood plywood at the most competitive prices. We currently supply customers in North America, Central America and the Caribbean with direct shipments of imported plywood from Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, and China.

Whatever your need for imported hardwood plywood products, we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and success.